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How can Lila help you Say Things Better?

1 : 1 Coaching

Whether you’re told you’re “too direct” or you’re feeling invisible, or you just want the edge that powerful communication gives you, individualized training will help you connect better, get seen better, and get better results FAST.

Interactive Workshops

From theater games to deeply thought-provoking questions, Say Things Better workshops get your teams thinking, laughing, collaborating, and bonding within 60 minutes.

Speaking & Events

Lila Smith is known for making every person in the room feel like she’s speaking directly to them. Audiences leave Lila’s talks feeling seen, ignited, and equipped with actual tools to take their communication to the next level.

LinkedIn & Email Marketing

Link Better and Email Things Better with help from Lila Smith, whose eCommerce experience and marketing acumen helped her 300x one client’s email conversions, and to personally grow from 500 to 40,000 followers on LinkedIn. Numbers say things best, and those speak for themselves.

Meet Lila Smith,
Say Things Better Creator & Trainer

Lila Smith spent 10 years as a professional actress, then left to use her theater training “offstage,” as an eCommerce leader. She merged the two worlds by creating Say Things Better, a method of Intentional Communication based on method acting and script analysis.

She has led highly interactive training workshops at organizations such as Merck, Acuity Brands, the Dallas Mavericks, the University of Miami, and Fannie Mae.

This work has led to over a thousand “aha!” moments worldwide. Yours is next!

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