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Meet Lila Smith, Communication Breakthrough Coach

Lila Smith used to think that being a professional actress would be the best way to use her love of storytelling to make a difference that mattered in the world. After spending 20 years training and 10 years professionally performing to great acclaim in NYC and around the US, she still felt there was more. More connection, more honesty, and more impact to be had.

She didn’t want to just tell one fictional story at a time. She wanted to tell the stories that were happening behind the scenes of the onstage creative work. She wanted to use the tools designed to help actors communicate with intention, and give them to people who were struggling to do so with clarity in real life.

That’s why she created Say Things Better, a 5-Step method of Intentional Communication. She now travels around the world helping people and brands to tell your real stories in a way that really connects. That provides a framework for accountability and partnership before you ever try to “sell” anything. It’s the simplest, easiest, and most consistent method of making your message clear, and connecting it to the person who really needs to hear it. And it’s how Lila Smith saves the world.

In addition to her own methodology, Lila is also the world’s only Certified YouMap®Coach who specializes in communication. This means her own Say Things Better work as a messaging consultant and communication coach gets a fast-forward jump start for all clients who opt-into working in both programs. YouMap® provides the self-awareness clients need to communicate with, about, and because of your values and your value. Say Things Better connects that message sustainably, permanently, and directly to the hearts of the people who need what you offer most.

Making the most of her own YouMap®, her values for storytelling and community building, and the Say Things Better Method, Lila has quickly built an international following of over 30k Communicators on LinkedIn. Her goal is to make sure each one of them (and everyone they know) is empowered with the tools to communicate well when it’s most important. And it’s always important.

Coaching Services

From individualized coaching to full-scale training seminars, and everything in between

1 : 1 Coaching

Overwhelmed? Not sure what to say or how to say it effectively? Have an upcoming high-stakes Communication Event or just a sensitive e-mail to send?

Let Lila help you activate your intentions and Say Things Better.

Business Consulting

Build more effective teams and engage them with respect. Watch your business grow, and your employees become ambassadors!

Create a safe space for development and innovation.

Minimize confusion, lag, and gray area throughout your organization.

Power your sales team with strategy and the tools they need to connect prospects with the help they need, not just the “thing you sell.”

Speaking & Workshops

The Say Things Better method of Intentional Communication came out of Lila’s experience in theater, and has manifested in a set of practical tools that power effective communication across industries.

Audiences and teams learn how to activate intention throughout all brand communications, leveraging a universally effective strategy for achieving your Objectives while helping your Communication Partners achieve theirs.

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Upcoming Events

Attend a networking event, and connect with Lila in person

Cosmic Yogi Festival

Sat, Nov 2nd, 2019

#VerbYourValues keynote
Tickets $10

Addison, TX

University of Miami Leadership Conference

Wed, Nov 13th, 2019

#VerbYourValues speaking engagement

Miami, FL

Say Things Better Mastermind

Nov 1st - 30th, 2019

-Weekly content & dedicated consultative group engagement
-Two 2-hr. open group Zoom calls
-50% off my hourly rate for 1:1 sessions
-Say Things Better company page highlight
-Community of Intentional Communicators!

Membership fee: $500

What Others Are Saying

Read recommendations from clients who are now saying things better

When it comes to brand communications, Lila is rare talent. She helped me distill and define what I offer my clients in a way that is elegantly communicated and attractive to a wide range of audiences. Her ability to listen and dissect our very purpose as professionals makes her a force of nature in brand creation and intentional communication. World-Class.
Jorge Cortijo
Executive Coach
Lila was able to nail exactly what my challenges are and why. I'm more focused on implementation rather than strategy (positioning, buy-in, etc.), which affects how I communicate. She provided valuable insight into tactics I can use in the future so my natural style will work for me rather than against me.
Katharine Griffiths
Operations Specialist

What Can Lila Help You Say Better?

Don’t communicate in the dark. Let Lila shine some light on how you can Say Things Better in your business.


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